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Counselling Service

A service providing families & individuals with support and information.

Sometimes you need help to change the way you’re feeling, or to do things differently. The work may include issues with depression, stress, self-esteem, anger, domestic violence, separation, grief & loss, childhood trauma, relationship and communication skills, life direction. 

If we find you need more specific therapy, we can possibly suggest another therapist. 

Working together can help you communicate better, and perhaps sort out issues which are difficult to cope with on your own. 

Our counsellor works with children from 8 years old on issues such as anger, behaviour problems and family relationships. We can use creative play and drawing, which often helps with their problems. 

We can often help with parenting and family relationships that ‘aren’t working’. This may involve sessions with the entire family. 

What does a counsellor do?

Our counsellor works with you to help you to: 

  • Explore your thoughts, emotions and behaviour 
  • Gain clarity and perspective on the issues 
  • Gain new skills and strategies 
  • Make an action plan to help you work on your goals 

Our Counsellor

Along with Counselling Michelle is also the Administrator and Finance Manager here at Kainga Aroha.


Bachelor of Counselling. Member NZCCA.

What does it cost?

A donation is always welcome. You are welcome to ring and discuss this before you make an appointment, or we can discuss it at your first session. 


Most people want one session per week, and this will depend on days and times available. A session usually lasts up to an hour. 

Kainga Aroha Counselling services

Your Responsibilities as a Client

be on time

Try to keep appointments on time. If you cannot, please contact us as soon as possible so we can use the time for another client. 

make childcare arrangements

Make arrangements for any children. It does not work to have them with us in session. 

tell us if you believe you are at risk

Tell your counsellor if you believe you or another may be at risk. 

Sometimes you may ask us to talk to someone else, e.g. another worker at the community house, or your doctor or lawyer, or someone in a government department. 

Apart from this, any contact you have with us is treated as confidential, except for: 

  • Professional supervision for quality control, to ensure the best possible service for you. 
  • Audit by a government funding agency to check the work they pay for is being done. 
  • If required by a Court of law 
  • If there is reason to believe you or another person is at serious risk. 

Notes your counsellor makes are kept locked away. You are entitled to see notes which are records of the session. 

See our confidentiality & Feedback policies

One of the team will always be happy to assist you. If we cannot find the answer, we will do our best to refer you on to the right people.

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Kainga Aroha provides easy access to information, help, understanding and support.

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